The picture is also blurred when investigation is confined to the market as a whole, or to major sectors alone.

The aggregate approach, while useful and occasionally the only choice accessible, may average out...

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A case about the New York Transit Authority

In a case involving the New York Transit Authority many years back, 17 occupational groups of...

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One step in the procedure described above, by which an gain in the volume of capital excites automation, is a rise in wages.

The increase in wages leads in turn to the development and introduction of labour saving devices....

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The new analytic techniques for processing information have developed primarily from the initial impetus during World War II when military difficulties engaged the focus of large numbers of mathematicians, statisticians, mathematical economists, and other scientists.

Popularly known as operations research or management science, the strategies formulated...

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Magnetic Therapy for Pain Relief

Although mainstream science has yet to recognize magnet therapy as an effective branch of...

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